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The University of Strathclyde is a public research university located in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute and received university status in 1964. The university is known for its strong emphasis on practical, industry-relevant education and research, particularly in the fields of engineering, business, and science.

The University of Strathclyde is home to over 22,000 students from more than 100 countries, studying a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university has a strong reputation for its research, with particular strengths in energy, health, manufacturing, and technology.

In addition to its academic programs, the University of Strathclyde is also known for its strong links to industry and business, with many of its students undertaking placements or internships with leading companies. The university is located in the heart of Glasgow, a vibrant and culturally rich city with a thriving arts and music scene.

The university was founded in 1796 through the will of John Anderson, professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He left the majority of his estate to create a second university in Glasgow which would focus on “Useful Learning” – specialising in practical subjects – “for the good of mankind and the improvement of science, a place of useful learning”.

Beginning as the Andersonian Institute, the school changed its name in 1828 to Anderson’s University, partially fulfilling Anderson’s vision of having a second university in the city of Glasgow. The name was changed in 1887, to reflect the lack of legal standing for the use of the title of ‘university’. As a result, the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College was formed, becoming the Royal Technical College in 1912, and the Royal College of Science and Technology in 1956 concentrating on science and engineering teaching and research.

Undergraduate students could qualify for degrees of the University of Glasgow or the equivalent Associate of the Royal College of Science and Technology (ARCST).

Under Principal Samuel Curran, internationally respected nuclear physicist (and inventor of the scintillation counter), the Royal College gained University Status, receiving its Royal Charter to become The University of Strathclyde in 1964, merging with the Scottish College of Commerce at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, The University of Strathclyde was not created as a result of the Robbins Report – the decision to grant the Royal College university status had been made earlier in the 1960s but delayed as a result of Robbins Report.

The University of Strathclyde was the UK’s first technological university, reflecting its history, teaching and research in technological education. Between the granting of the Charter and the late 1970s, the university expanded rapidly in size, in tandem with the ongoing regeneration of the Townhead area of the city where the campus is located. In 1993, the university incorporated Jordanhill College of Education.


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