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Where to order high-quality Society of Actuaries degree certificate online? Who can make a realistic Society of Actuaries certificate online? How to make realistic Society of Actuaries certificate online? The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is a professional organization for actuaries in North America. It was founded in 1949 and has over 30,000 members worldwide.

The SOA provides education, research, and professional development opportunities for actuaries working in insurance, pensions, investments, and other related fields. The organization also sets professional standards and conducts research on actuarial science and related topics.

The board positions are filled by election. A member is eligible to vote in board elections if they are an FSA, or if they have been an ASA for at least five years. Only FSAs can be elected to the board.

The SOA holds its elections annually in late summer or early fall for its board of directors and the Section Councils. In the board of directors election, one president-elect, and five elected board members are elected. Elected board members serve three-year terms. The president-elect serves three one-year terms as president-elect, president, and past president.

In section elections, generally one-third of the council is elected each year as members serve three-year terms. Section councils select their officers (chair, vice chair, and secretary/treasurer).

According to the Section Bylaws, all members of a Section are entitled to vote in the Section Council election. This includes ASAs, FSAs, and members of co-sponsoring organizations who are also members of a Section. SOA members are emailed login credentials to vote online. Members without valid email addresses, or who notify the SOA of their request, receive paper ballots.

There are two designations offered by the SOA: the “Associate of Society of Actuaries” (ASA) and the “Fellow of the Society of Actuaries” (FSA). The SOA also issues one credential: the “Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst” (CERA), which was introduced in 2007. The three micro-credentials (Pre-Actuarial Foundations, Actuarial Science Foundations, and Data Science for Actuaries) were introduced in 2022 along with affiliate membership.

Requirements for membership for the SOA include writing actuarial exams, a comprehensive series of competitive exams. Topics covered in the exams include mathematics, finance, insurance, economics, interest theory, life models, and actuarial science. Non-members working in the actuarial profession and taking exams are often referred to as actuarial students or candidates.

Members of the SOA who meet a professional experience requirement are eligible for membership in the American Academy of Actuaries, which represents United States actuaries from all practice areas.


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