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Where to order fake Albertus Magnus College degree certificate online? Why people would like to buy a realistic Albertus Magnus College diploma certificate online? The best way to buy a realistic Albertus Magnus College degree certificate online? Albertus Magnus College is a private liberal arts college located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs.

The college offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, education, psychology, and liberal arts. Albertus Magnus College is known for its small class sizes, personalized attention from faculty, and strong sense of community. The college is named after Saint Albert the Great, a medieval philosopher and theologian known for his contributions to natural science.

Albertus Magnus College was founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs. The dedication speaker was James Rowland Angell, the president of nearby Yale University. All classes and offices were first housed in Rosary Hall, a Palladian-style mansion that has since been converted for use as the institution’s main library. The college’s first chaplain, Rev. Artur Chandler, stated that the college’s initial goal was to educate women “to become thinkers and leaders and the noble among the ladyhood of the future.”

By 1940 the campus had expanded to its current 50 acre size and absorbed a variety of surrounding gilded-era mansions for use as dormitories and office space. The school became known for its strict liberal arts curriculum that required four years of Latin or Greek study.

Originally a women’s college, the institution became coeducational in 1985 to some controversy, led by its longtime president Julia M. McNamara. Albertus Magnus College was the last Connecticut college to go co-ed. The 1980s also brought a series of construction projects to the campus, including new classroom space and a new athletic center. The first graduate program, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, was offered in 1992.

Albertus Magnus is presided over by a board of trustees. A 1968 reorganization of this leadership opened 80% of spots to secular personnel while continuing to reserve 20% for members of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

In addition to undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations, including pre-professional preparation, there are graduate programs in art therapy, mental health counseling, addiction counseling, leadership, liberal studies, fine arts in creative writing, human services, business administration, education, instructional design, management and organizational leadership.


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