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Obtain a realistic West Chester University degree online.

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Where to order a realistic West Chester University diploma certificate online? The best way to buy a realistic West Chester University diploma certificate online? Buy the latest a realistic West Chester University degree certificate online? West Chester University is a public university located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It is part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as education, business, sciences, arts, and humanities.

The university has a reputation for its strong academics, particularly in its education programs. It also has a vibrant campus life with numerous student organizations and activities. Is there anything specific you would like to know about West Chester University?

The university traces its roots to the West Chester Academy, a private, state-aided school that existed from 1812 to 1869. As the state began to take increasing responsibility for public education, the academy was transformed into West Chester Normal School or West Chester State Normal School, still privately owned and state certified. The normal school admitted its first class, consisting of 160 students, on September 25, 1871. In 1913, West Chester became the first of the normal schools to be owned outright by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

West Chester became West Chester State Teachers College in 1927 when Pennsylvania initiated a four-year program of teacher education. In 1960, as the Commonwealth paved the way for liberal arts programs in its college system, West Chester was renamed West Chester State College, and two years later introduced the liberal arts program that turned the one-time academy into a comprehensive college.

The campus quad located on North Campus appears on the National Register of Historic Places, and is called the West Chester State College Quadrangle Historic District, featuring WCU’s historic buildings. The buildings, with the exception of Anderson Hall and Philips Memorial Building (named after long-time principal George Morris Philips), were each built with local Chester County serpentine stone. They include Ruby Jones Hall, Recitation Hall and the Old Library.

With passage of the State System of Higher Education bill, West Chester became one of the 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education on July 1, 1983. Along with its new name—West Chester University of Pennsylvania—the institution acquired a new system of governance and the opportunity to expand its degree programs.

West Chester is recognized for its formal poetry program. Its annual conference on form and narrative in poetry began in 1995 and is devoted to New Formalism. It has established a poetry center that sponsors readings and an annual book competition oriented toward formal poetry. Its Iris N. Spencer Poetry Awards recognize undergraduate achievement in formal poetry.

Nineteen days before his death, Frederick Douglass gave his last public lecture, on February 1, 1895, at West Chester University. The university’s Frederick Douglass Institute is named in his honor, and a statue of Douglass appears on its campus. It has been named a national historic landmark by the U.S. National Park Service. The Underground Railroad Network to Freedom recognized the Frederick Douglass Institute for its work in understanding the history of the underground railroad.


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