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The University of Manchester is a public research university located in Manchester, England. It was formed in 2004 through the merger of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and Victoria University of Manchester. The university is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of research-intensive universities in the UK.

The University of Manchester is known for its world-class research and teaching across a wide range of disciplines, including science, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and business. It is ranked among the top universities in the world and has a strong reputation for innovation and excellence.

The university’s campus is located in the city center of Manchester and is home to a diverse community of students and staff from around the world. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as opportunities for research and collaboration with industry and other institutions.

The University of Manchester traces its roots to the formation of the Mechanics’ Institute (later UMIST) in 1824, and its heritage is linked to Manchester’s pride in being the world’s first industrial city. The English chemist John Dalton, together with Manchester businessmen and industrialists, established the Mechanics’ Institute to ensure that workers could learn the basic principles of science.

John Owens, a textile merchant, left a bequest of £96,942 in 1846 (around £5.6 million in 2005 prices) to found a college to educate men on non-sectarian lines. His trustees established Owens College in 1851 in a house on the corner of Quay Street and Byrom Street which had been the home of the philanthropist Richard Cobden, and subsequently housed Manchester County Court.

The locomotive designer Charles Beyer became a governor of the college and was the largest single donor to the college extension fund, which raised the money to move to a new site and construct the main building now known as the John Owens building.

He also campaigned and helped fund the engineering chair, the first applied science department in the north of England. He left the college the equivalent of £10 million in his will in 1876, at a time when it was in great financial difficulty. Beyer funded the total cost of construction of the Beyer Building to house the biology and geology departments. His will also funded Engineering chairs and the Beyer Professor of Applied mathematics.

Overall, the University of Manchester is a leading institution in the UK and internationally, known for its academic excellence, research impact, and commitment to innovation and social responsibility.


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