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Where to order a realistic Musicians Institute degree certificate online? Why people would like to buy a realistic Musicians Institute diploma certificate online? Which site is best to buy a realistic Musicians Institute degree certificate online? Musicians Institute (MI) is a contemporary music school located in Hollywood, California. It offers a variety of music programs in areas such as performance, composition, production, and music business. MI is known for its hands-on approach to music education and has produced many successful musicians and industry professionals.

Musicians Institute was founded as The Guitar Institute of Technology in 1977 as a one-year vocational school of guitarists and bassists. Its curriculum and pedagogical style was shaped by guitarist Howard Roberts (1929–1992). Pat Hicks (né Patrick Carroll Hicks; born 1934), a Los Angeles music industry entrepreneur, was the co-founder of Musicians Institute. He is credited for providing the organizational structure and management that rapidly transformed Howard Roberts’ educational philosophy into a major music school.

At the time of its founding, formal education in rock and roll at institutions of higher learning was limited mostly to universities and conservatories offering jazz studies, which were few. At the founding of the Musicians Institute, Jazz studies was, and is today, a strong component of the curricular offerings. In early days of the Musicians Institute, the demand for musicians and music industry professionals with comprehensive collegiate credentials in the field of contemporary music was low.

Yet, the demand for contemporary music professionals was high. Roberts, when he founded the school, wanted to give aspiring rock and roll musicians a conservatory experience. Nowadays, comprehensive music education in higher education, from bachelors to doctorates, covers rock and roll from several perspectives, including literature, musicology, history, performing arts, technology, business, and law. For musicians working towards degrees in performance, proficiency in rock and roll is standard, particularly for aspiring session musicians.

The rise of contemporary musicians holding comprehensive academic credentials over the last 50 years is partly the result of more universities offering programs in the field, which, in turn, has increased the demand for contemporary oriented music educators with academic credentials at universities. Because the Musicians Institute was an innovator in rock and roll in higher education – and twenty-nine years ago began offering bachelor of music degrees – its alumni are well-represented as educators of contemporary music at institutions of higher learning.

The Musicians Institute offers instrumental performance programs for bass, drums, guitar, keyboard technology, and vocals. Music industry programs include audio engineering, Independent Artist Program, the Guitar Craft Academy and Music Business. The school offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Bachelor of Music degrees in addition to certificates.

The Institute of International Education, in its assessment of “Top 40 Specialized Institutions, 2009/10,” from its publication, International Students: Leading Institutions by Institutional Type, ranked Musicians Institute 13 in the United States out of 40. Musicians Institute and its programs are registered by the state of California by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. It has been an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) since 1981.


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