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Kaplan University was a for-profit college that offered online and campus-based courses in a variety of subjects, including business, health sciences, information technology, and legal studies. The university was previously owned by Kaplan, Inc., a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, but was acquired by Purdue University in 2017 and renamed Purdue University Global.

Kaplan University faced criticism and scrutiny for its high tuition rates, low graduation rates, and aggressive recruiting tactics. Despite these controversies, the university did provide educational opportunities to many students who may not have had access to traditional college programs.

Since the acquisition by Purdue University, the institution has undergone significant changes and restructuring to align with Purdue’s values and standards. The university now operates as Purdue University Global, offering programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of disciplines.

The American Institute of Commerce (AIC) was established in 1937 in Davenport, Iowa as a workforce preparatory school. In 1999, after six decades of growth in Iowa, the U.S. Department of Education selected the school as 1 of 15 to receive a grant that would enable it to offer courses online. Around this time, AIC and four other Iowa colleges were acquired by Quest College and renamed to Quest Education Corporation. In November 2000, Kaplan Inc.

purchased the college, and changed its name to Kaplan College. Beginning in September 2004, Kaplan, Inc. divided its programs into two different offerings: Kaplan University which specialized in online bachelor’s and graduate degrees, and Kaplan College, which offered classroom-based instruction and was largely vocational in nature and focused on associate degrees and certificates. In 2015 Kaplan, Inc. sold all 38 Kaplan College campuses to Education Corporation of America. Kaplan College is now known as Brightwood College.

In October 2007, all seven Iowa and Nebraska-based Hamilton College campuses merged with and began operating under the Kaplan University brand.

Concord Law School merged with Kaplan University in October 2007, changing its name to Concord Law School of Kaplan University. The school, established in 1998, was the first fully online law school in the United States. The American Bar Association does not accredit online programs but students with non-ABA-accredited law degrees are allowed to take California’s bar examination and practice law once admitted to the bar.


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