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Where to order fake Hochschule Furtwangen University degree certificate online? The best way to buy a realistic Hochschule Furtwangen University diploma certificate online? I would like to buy a realistic Hochschule Furtwangen University degree certificate online. Hochschule Furtwangen University is a university located in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald, Germany.

It offers a wide range of programs in various fields such as engineering, computer science, business administration, healthcare management, and media. The university is known for its strong focus on practical experience and industry partnerships, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

Furtwangen University emerged from the first German School of Clockmaking in Furtwangen in the Black Forest. The school was founded in 1850 by the engineer Robert Gerwig. The German Clock Museum, the largest German watch collection (founded by Robert Gerwig as a display collection), is still a department of the University.

After the Second World War, the Furtwangen School of Clockmaking was divided into two branches: a vocational school (today the Robert Gerwig School, which still houses the Watchmaking School today) and the State Engineering School for Precision Engineering, which became the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences (FHF) with the introduction of the universities of applied sciences in 1971.

The founding director of the engineering school was Friedrich Aßmus. After teaching and research in Furtwangen had concentrated on engineering sciences for a long time, the range of courses of study was expanded to include computer science, business informatics, economics and digital media from the 1970s onwards. In 1997, with the amendment of the State University Law of the State of Baden-Württemberg, it was first renamed “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft” and later “Hochschule Furtwangen”.

Currently, the university is headed by Rolf Schofer, who has been the rector of the HFU since 2006. His predecessor was Rainer Scheithauer. Scheithauer in turn took over the office in 1998 from Walter Zahradnik (term of office from 1985 to 1998).

The Faculty of Industrial Technologies trains students in medical engineering, mechatronics and digital production, engineering psychology and materials technology and manufacturing. In addition to four Bachelor’s programs, the Faculty offers two Master’s programs in Applied Materials Science and Mechatronic Systems as well as a technical orientation try-out semester and the Industrial Studies / Study Plus (Dual Form) at the HFU study location.

The campus is located on the former site of Henke-Sass, Wolf, which was built in 1906 and 1954. The brick building was renovated for over 10.5 million euros and officially inaugurated on 8 October 2009. In addition to the modernisation and an extension of the building, direct access to the central bus station (ZOB) was created. Possible extensions are the former building of the Ludwig-Uhland-Realschule or directly opposite another brick building from the Art Nouveau period.

A special element is the so-called “Tuttlingen Model” the cooperation between university, city, district and industry. The practice-oriented, cooperative study courses are supported by more than 100 local medical technology companies. A specially built Hochschulcampus Tuttlingen Förderverein e. V. has accelerated the creation of the campus.


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