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Birkbeck, University of London is a public research university located in Bloomsbury, London. It is a constituent college of the University of London and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including arts, humanities, social sciences, law, and science.

Birkbeck College is known for its evening and part-time study options, allowing students to balance their studies with work or other commitments. The college has a diverse student body and a strong focus on research and academic excellence.

Some notable alumni of Birkbeck College include author Virginia Woolf, economist Amartya Sen, and politician Diane Abbott.

In 1823, Sir George Birkbeck, a physician and graduate of the University of Edinburgh and an early pioneer of adult education, founded the then “London Mechanics’ Institute” at a meeting at the Crown and Anchor Tavern on the Strand. More than two thousand people attended. However the idea was not universally popular and some accused Birkbeck of “scattering the seeds of evil.”

In 1825, two years later, the institute moved to the Southampton Buildings on Chancery Lane. In 1830, the first female students were admitted. In 1858, changes to the University of London’s structure resulted in opening up access to the examinations for its degree. The Institute became the main provider of part-time university education.

In 1866, the Institute changed its name to the Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution.

In 1885, Birkbeck moved to the Breams Building, on Fetter Lane, where it would remain for the next sixty-seven years.

In 1904, Birkbeck Students’ Union was established.

In 1907, Birkbeck’s name was shortened to “Birkbeck College”. In 1913, a review of the University of London (which had been restructured in 1900) successfully recommended that Birkbeck become a constituent college, although the outbreak of the First World War delayed this until 1920. The Royal Charter was granted in 1926.

In 1921, the college’s first female professor, Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, began teaching botany. Other distinguished faculty in the inter-war years included Nikolaus Pevsner, J. D. Bernal, and Cyril Joad.

During the Second World War, Birkbeck was the only central University of London college not to relocate out of the capital. In 1941, the library suffered a direct hit during The Blitz but teaching continued. During the war the college organised lunch time extramural lectures for the public given by, among others, Joad, Pevsner and Harold Nicolson.

In 1952, the college moved to its present location in Malet Street.


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