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Atlantis University is a fictitious institution popularly featured in various works of fiction, folklore, and conspiracy theories. The concept typically describes a legendary island or advanced civilization that sank into the ocean. Stories about Atlantis often involve themes of advanced technology, mysticism, and a highly developed society that mysteriously disappeared.

While there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of an actual Atlantis, the concept of this lost civilization has captured the imagination of many people over the years. Atlantis continues to be a popular subject in literature, films, and popular culture, often symbolizing the idea of a lost utopia or a cautionary tale about the consequences of hubris and overreach.

Atlantis University is a for-profit university located in Miami, Florida. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 443 undergraduate students. The Atlantis University acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include Business, Nursing Science, Education, and Practice, and Information Technology. Atlantis University graduates 73% of its students.

University is OK. However, you must be super careful regarding invoicing and payments. They will come up with new payments even after a year after your graduation. Save always EVERY invoice to be able to have proof whenever they come with a new payment due. Also, even if you think you enroll in an MBA course, you will receive a Master in Science certificate

I was an international student in the MBA program. Staff was great , helpful and really enjoyed my classes. Professors are with great experience in the field which makes the academic experience better.

At Atlantis University, some professors made my experience better. They knew how to teach, had experience on the field, and were very professional. Some part of the staff was very friendly and the student advisors were trying their best to help students despite the oppression from the university leaders.

Om the other side, the school was lacking unprofessionalism, organization, and qualification. They would lose your documents, make up policies, and everything just that you pay more and more money. They do not try to understand the students needs, the only thing they have in mind, when you go talk to admissions, is how much money they are making out of this.
It is honestly not worth it because the school is not even accredited.


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